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Who are the partners in Room for Improved Futures?

How will they contribute?

The Imaginary Republic

The  Imaginary  Republic  looks  at  questions  of  public  life  and  civic  culture  in  today’s  European environment, and how recent economic, social, and political unrest have led to an intensification of grass-roots initiatives, artistic activism, and forms of public commoning. The project positions itself as a creative and critical dialogue within this context, and aims to investigate strategies for creative instituting and independent social configurations. Within this framework, questions about the public good and commonwealth are brought forward, allowing for a deeper inquiry into how art may work to reconstitute public power. 


Sigrids Stue

Sigrids  Stue  examine  critically  how  we  on  our  own  terms,  terms  of  the  art  and  on  terms  of  the citizens can create opportunities and space  for common artistic action,  make  impact and  influence under  the  physical,  mental  and  identity  change  processes that  the  neighbourhood  of  Gellerup  is undertaking.  Sigrids  Stue  invites  artists  /  curators  to  Gellerup  for  researching  and  to  come  to  live  and  work  in shorter and longer periods. Sigrids Stue focuses on dialogue, participation and involvement, identity creation, memory  and urban development.


Trade Test Site

Trade Test Site is an artistic research project  initiated and run  by  visual artist Lise Skou,  in which the  notions  of  capital,  labour  and  trade  are  investigated  through  a  range  of  artistic  methods, including moving images, text, performance, sound and relational spatial interventions. The artistic research  process  comprises  a  range  of  interlinked  components  -  School  for  Self-Production, Trade Test Site Imprint and Shop and Café Moneyless - through which public engagement are established, and  where  interactions  and  public  manifestations  are  developed.  Trade  Test  Sit  main  interests are (in keywords):

  • Testings of models of sharing and production at a practical and theoretical level

  • Hidden economies

  • Post-work Society / Imagining Non-work society

  • Co-Production 

  • Ways of working and living together 

  • Imagined futures

The  Imaginary  Republic will  concentrate  on  practices  of “creative  instituting”:  how  artists  are spearheading new  institutional structures and aesthetic  formations that specifically work to claim a position of global citizenship? Participating artists will be invited to use the exhibition space and the context of the project to enact a form of citizenship that specifically brings into question the issue of borders.  Through  artist  talks,  presentations  and  exhibitions Sigrids   Stue  will  address   issues concerning  co-creation,  participation  and  involvement,  identity  creation,  and  urban  development. Invited  artists  will  present  participatory  projects  realized  with  citizens  of  Gellerup,  interventional projects  in  the  local  context,  targeting  issues  on  cultural  memory/belonging  and  identity  on individual  and  collective  level.

Trade  Test  Site will  contribute  presenting  projects  focused  on notions  of  capital,  labour  and  trade  investigated  through  a range  of  artistic  methods,  including moving  images,  text,  performance,  sound  and  relational  spatial  interventions. Activities  organized in collaboration with CSMFoundation Centre for Contemporary Art, Kyiv will bring an introduction to  the  contemporary  Ukrainian  context  and  an  analytical  research  on  both  Ukrainian  and  local context of Aarhus referring to public cultural memory in sphere/public space and also new political identities. Taking  contemporary  Ukraine  as  an  example  will help  us  get  beyond  our West  centered point of view and to have an insight into the actual situation of Eastern Europe as to see how far we  share the          same fears and imaginations about the future.

If you want to read more about the different contributers then click the images below and they will redirect you to the respective homepages. 

The official partners of this project are:  Sigrids  Stue  (Aarhus); Trade  Test  Site  (Aarh

us);  3/  The  Imaginary  Republic (Bergen Academy of Art and Design); Foundation Center for

Contemporary Arts (Kiev).


/Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art, Kyiv

СSM / Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art is a non-profit non-governmental organization that works  in  Kyiv  since  2008  and  promotes  innovative  artistic  practices  and  responsible  cultural criticism  in  Ukraine.  CSM  helps  to  create  an  environment  in which  culture  is  regarded  as  an important  agent  of  change.  CSM  has  three  main  focus  areas:  education,  criticism,  and  artistic practices. CSM works with issues of art in public space, participatory art, public history and cultural memory, inclusion policy, democracy and civic participation through culture. CSM is a publisher of Korydor online magazine about contemporary culture that was launched in 2010 as a self-supported initiative of journalists and critics.


During six years of its independent existence

“Korydor”defends the importance of critical thinking and provides a platform for  communication between different communities

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