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Secil Yaylali

Visual artist Secil Yaylali has been working in Gellerup as Artist-in-residency at Sigrids Stue where she was investigating in elements that create identities of different cultures. She has been carried out projects on identity in different multi cultural societies that consists of different sub cultures. In Gellerup Secil Yaylali decided to work on a logography produced with symbols connected, collected and developed in cooperation with residents in the neighborhood.

This collected collective logograms gives clues about the visual semiotics of the public, culture and history in connection with their current location.

Secil Yaylalı is a visual artist with a background of City Planning, Industrial Design and Visual Arts. She realizes participatory art projects with different social groups such as forced migrants in Diyarbakir and Ramallah, teenagers in Alexandria, Berlin, Barcelona, Istanbul, migrant workers in Beirut, street vendors in Turin, refugees in Ameno. In each project she creates an environment that supports collaborative production according to the specific needs/wills of participants. Shared time and relations experience lead the group to reach a common aim as product. She exhibited her work in CC Gallery (Malmö 2017), Alt_Chp Cross Cuts (Copenhagen 2016), Kunsthall C (Stockholm 2016) . Secil Yaylalı is the co-founder of PASAJ artist initiative/project space that works with its local surroundings in Istanbul.   

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