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The dissonance of memory (chapter II)

Maj Hasager

The dissonance of memory developed has been developed during several artist residencies at Sigrids Stue, Gellerup since 2015.


The installation at rum46 takes its point of departure in the multi-layered narratives surrounding the area of Gellerup and Toveshøj. Tracing the waves of change, progress and re-design of the area from the never realized plans till today’s Helhedsplan (the grand master plan for the area) through a re-contextualisation of material from the local archive, conversations and keywords relating to recently digitized private images.


The installation will consist of film material, textile banners, text and photographic material. Rum46 will be a test site for the work in progress through discursive meetings and other input – which will inform the film and large-scale sound work that will be presented in Gellerup in June 2018.


Maj Hasager – a visual artist based in Copenhagen. Her work deals with power structures, identity, memory, architecture, and the construction of history, looking at how these interlinked phenomena are interpreted and represented culturally and spatially. Her artistic approach is research based and interdisciplinary, and she works predominantly with text, sound, video, and photography. Hasager is Programme Director of Critical & Pedagogical Studies (MFA) at Malmö Art Academy.
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