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Only I Know How We Survived

Tatiana Fiodorova

The exhibition focus on focus on artist’s books, which are one of Tatiana Fiodorovas most prevalent means of expression. The exhibition includes publications: eg Only I know how we survived (2018), Soviet Passport (2014) and Factory Steaua Rosie (2014). The exhibition also includes a series af drawings and a video documenting an outdoor performance.


In search of her identity and facts determining her future the Tatiana Fiodorova has turned to the older generation of Moldovan women, many of whom are already retired. The focus of attention is the artist's mother who has worked as a saleswoman at a flea market for the last ten years.


The book presents drawings made on toilet paper, an interview with the artist's mother, and small stories from the sellers at the flea market, which is located near the Chisinau railway station.

For two years, 2016-2017 the artist has documented and observed the life of this place. In the summer of 2017 the flea market was closed by the authorities of the city of Chisinau. Portraits and stories of women tell of the difficult everyday life of the aging Moldovan women and help to rethink the Soviet past and present Moldovan today. What is a woman's future for the country of Moldova?


Fiodorova will also present her performance I am not toilet paper.


Tatiana Fiodorova – a Moldavian artist, curator and educator working with current political and social themes, often evaluated in contextual relation to the history of the Soviet Union. This results in works of installation, live performance, public art, video and artists’ books.
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