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Eternal Sukkah

Diego Rotman

Exhibition by Diego Rotman [IS], artist and member of the Sala-Manca Group. The Sala-Manca Group is a group of independent Jerusalem-based artists that work in different fields: performance, video, installation and new media since 2000. Sala-Manca’s projects and works deal with poetics of translation (cultural, social and relating to the media). They operate in the social and political field and work with textual, urban and net contexts as well as with tensions between low tech and high tech aesthetics.


The project tells about an illegal shanty structure from the Jahalin Bedouin – a tribe who currently lives in the Judean Desert. The artists purchased, dismantled, and reassembled it as a Jewish Sukkah, a temporary hut constructed for use during a week-long Jewish festival Sukkot. In this new form, it was presented at the Jerusalem Hansen House for Art, Design and Technology in 2014.


Diego Rotman initiated the Sala-Manca Group together with Lea Mauas. The group is based in Jerusalem.

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