28th of april - 21st of may | Studsgade 46

Groundwork - 3/3

TALK: We are All very Anxious by Lise Skou (artist, DK) EVENT: The Wave Verina Gfader (artist and researcher, D) TEXT RELEASE: Claudine Zia (writer) EXHIBITION: We are All very Anxious by Lise Skou (artist, DK)
Groundwork - 3/3

Time & Location

28th of april - 21st of may
Studsgade 46, Studsgade 46, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

About The Event

"We are all very anxious”

Talk and exhibition

Lise Skou

"We are all very anxious" is the title of an exhibition that includes a videoloop, two text works and a video performance. The starting point for these art works is Lise Skou's long-standing interest and insight into how economic thinking and what has been called "the economic man" affects individuals socially, psychologically and emotionally. Over the years, this focus has led Lise Skou to explore various artistic strategies and methods. Partly as platform-based discursive projects and partly through performative art works and video productions.

Visual artist Lise Skou will present the works and tell about her practice which also include the project Trade Test Site - a discursive research project, consisting of a public program, publications and a prototype shop installed in rum46 called Exchange Library Shop & Café.


the wave

reading-scripting event

Verina Gfader

the wave – a reading-scripting event investigating Yves Klein, The foundation of Judo (2009).

... In 1952 the 24-year-old Yves Klein left Paris for Japan, to pursue his first love; not art but judo.

Verina Gfader is an artist and researcher, currently post.doc. fellow on The Contemporary Condition research project at Aarhus University. In addition to her academic work, she is Creative Director for EP, a book series from Sternberg Press, Berlin, across art, architecture and design.

Her practice has taken the form of models, drawing, animation, fictional institutions and printed matter in between unregulated and sophisticated presentation. At the moment she works on a publication developed from participating at the 11th Shanghai Biennale, exploring the 'animation of the present', anachronism, and magic sci-fi narratives.


"Contemporary Activism: Pseudo Avant-Gardism and Alternative Economies"

Text production

Claudine Zia

The essay discusses the function and the role of the avant-garde within contemporary art. Concepts such as self-organization, alternative economies, pre-figurative protest and participation are examined from a historical, theoretical and a contemporary perspective.

Claudine Zia holds a MA in Art History. She is a freelance writer and curator who works both independently and collaboratively. Her work focuses on self-organization, activism, feminism, photography and experimental cinema usually written and curated from a theoretical and historical perspective. Claudine Zia is also part of the newly established research platform “Feminism, Avant-Gardism & Precarity”, held monthly in various locations in Berlin.


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